Dreams, Delivered

What makes a dream wedding? Working at The Black Tux, I spent a lot of time talking to couples to get answers to that question.

This campaign, comprised of digital and outdoor ads, was created to inspire engaged couples to fulfill their wedding dreams.

We learned that the best weddings happen when two people instill their common insterests into their wedding. 

At the time, it was the largest campaign in the company’s history, with placements purchased on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and an outdoor campaign executed by Colossal Media in New York City.


Creative Director  Keith Scharwath
Senior Director of Brand  Atley G. Kasky
Art Director  Everett Pelayo
Copywriter  Carrie Laven
Production  Ways & Means
Director  Jimmy Marble
Director of Photography  David Robert Jones
Production Design Robert Fox
Styling  Shirley Kurata
Music  Jeffrey Brodsky

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