Garbage Suits
Commercial Campaign
If you need to rent a suit or tux, and you decide to rent from a place with a tagline like “You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it” you can fully expect that not to be true, I guarantee it. The tuxedo rental industry is a sad, sad place. Suits are often made from polyester (a fabric that is basically plastic), shoes are made from actual plastic, and the suit you’ve rented has been sweated in by someone else hundreds of times.

The Black Tux was created as a counterpoint to these companies. We looked at everything they do and we did the exact opposite. At one point, we felt people needed to know what we knew. Suits from anywhere else are garbage.

Creative Direction  Keith Scharwath, Atley G. Kasky
Copywriting  Zach Frechette, Jerod Walburn
Production  Ways & Means
Director Air & Oko
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